Es werden Posts vom April, 2015 angezeigt.

Die Wüste lebt...: Kalamahara - The Unmeant Wedding (VÖ: 15.5.2015 /// Label: Sportklub Rotter Damm / Fuzzmatazz Records)

Träumt weiter...: Binoculers - Adapted To Both Shade And Sun (Album / VÖ: 19.06.2015)

Video: Plastic Man – He Didn´t Know

New Album: Mother Empire - The System (VÖ: 8. 5. 2015 / Target Records)

Abramowicz - Polaroid (Official Video)

Touren, Fluchen, Fauchen und Punkrocken..: Pascow

Yee-haw in the dark...: SuperScum - I Know

Hausbesuch: Inside Abbey Road

Neues Video & Tour: The Vickers - Love You To (Beatles Cover)

Fundstück des Tages: Black Honey - Spinning Wheel

The Tallest Man On Earth - "Dark Bird Is Home" - VÖ 08.05.2015 - (Dead Oceans / Cargo Records)

Low-Fi-Video des Tages: Hanoi Janes - Crystal Veins

Docu Music Video: Marius Ziska - Let's Not Fall Apart

Vinyl-Empfehlung: Arnold Fish - In The Land Of The Elephant Blues

Indie pur: Alaska - These Sacred Floors

Neues Video: METZ - Spit You Out

Das innere Ohr sagt: The Cave Children - Quasiland

Hörtipp: Taymir - What Would You Say

Video: Morrissey - Kiss Me A Lot (Official Video)

Empfehlung: Garçons Coiffeurs - The Early Years

Sigmatropic - Every Soul Is A Boat // 2015 RSD-Release (Tongue Master Records)

Rockklassiker: Ian Dury - New Boots And Panties!!

Love A - Jagd und Hund (VÖ: 27.03.2015 // Rookie Records)

A Place To Bury Strangers - "What We Don't See" (Official Video)

Stimmgewaltig: Lola Marsh - Sirens

Moonlight Breakfast on Tour...

Grandios: Plastic Man - Don't Look at the Moon (Psychedelic / Garage Rock) VÖ: March 16, 2015 / Black Candy Records