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Karoshi - Antera // VÖ:08.03.2016

 [m] "Libellula" ist die erste Single von "Antera", der zweiten EP der italienischen Postrock-Formation Karoshi. Die EP erscheint am 8. März...

"""Karoshi's music is like an introspective yet liberating coming back home after an intense day. An abandoned building, barely visible through thick and caustic fog banks. A crepuscular landscape, urban but not crowded. A middle aged man, wrapped up in a long raincoat, pulling over his car to the same spot before going home. The cigar's smoke blurs his thoughts for a moment, then he sees her again, at the third floor of that building. Her silhouette at the window seduces him, it's a sweet halp-sleep. The woman loses herself trying to find through the fog the lilac of a sunset so brief but fulfilling, a lilac that for years accompanied her home, through smoky and uneven roads, a color soaked into her peacock hair. Karoshi is not playing a genre. It is an unplanned variable wanting to tell and communicate images, stories and perceptions without wanting to force the unconscious, with less words possible.
In February of 2014 the band released “Maizena EP”, first autoproduced record with the collaboration of Gianluca Dalla Rosa. “Atera” is Karoshi's second autoproduced work, recorded by Mirko Brigo and Nicola Sanguin (The Beautiful Bunker and Lay Llamas) at Bunker Studio in Arquà Petrarca in May 2015. The record will be available in digital and physical copy."""

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